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Nupur is an ardent fan of learning, innovative and inclusive practices, and connecting with other educators around the world. She works as a middle school teacher at a progressive school. In her eighth year in K-8 education, her goal is to create a future-ready classroom that inculcates, practices, and demonstrates creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, communication efficacy, insightful citizenship, productive collaboration, and tireless innovation. As a Google Certified Educator, presenter at CUE affiliated education conferences in California, she is committed to serving educators, sharing resources into the world of Open Educational Resources (OERs), supporting the integration of technology across grade levels and content areas. Speaking at conferences and utilizing social media (blog and twitter) to the fullest capacity to share her resources  Through openly sharing at the conferences, she believes all of us can be efficient with our time and conserve energy for working with students. (that’s also a triathlete in her talking)

Nupur loves to speak about distance learning, inclusive education, project-based learning, universal design learning, and game-based learning. Through student-led podcasts, blogging, and project-based learning she strives to break down the classroom wall.

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